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Introducing the world's first hookah made in England, crafted by the finest British supercar engineers for a legendary smoking experience. Each shisha is meticulously handcrafted in Warwickshire, the birthplace of Shakespeare, using only the highest quality materials and techniques.

Our shisha boasts an elegant and sleek design, with a unique purge system that allows smoke to beautifully expel from the central stainless steel valve, creating a stunning visual effect. Thanks to the latest Click-Lock technology, setting up our shisha is a breeze, ensuring the smoothest clouds with every puff. Unlike older systems that use rubber grommets, our click-lock system ensures a perfect airtight and smooth seal every time.

Experience the ultimate in smoking pleasure with our premium hookah. Enjoy the smoothest and most flavorful smoke with every inhale, thanks to our hookah's superior engineering and design. Whether you're a seasoned smoker or new to the world of shisha, our hookah is the perfect choice for a truly exceptional smoking experience.

Order now and discover the beauty of British design and engineering with our exquisite hookah. With its elegant and sleek design, unique purge system, and Click-Lock technology, our shisha is sure to impress even the most discerning smokers. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the world's smoothest smoking experience - order now!

  • Key Features

    • Handcrafted wood
    • Medical-grade stainless steel construction for durability and safety
    • Click-lock technology for secure and hassle-free connection 
    • Systematic Magni Connect seals 
    • Smooth Purge 360-degree technology for effortless and efficient smoke clearing
    • Soft velvet touch hose for added luxury and comfort
    • Removable diffuser for a customisable smoking experience
    • Three different airflow adapters included for a tailored smoking experience
    • Includes a stone tobacco bowl and heat management device.