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How to clean your base (vase)

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How to clean your base (vase)

Pour out the old water. 

Check if your shisha/hookah still has old water in it from the last time you had a smoke, carefully dispose of the old water making sure that you don't spill it all over the edges. (We recommend you don't leave any water in there after use.)

Pour lukewarm or cold water into the base. 

If you recently used ice with your shisha/ hookah, avoid adding hot water as it might cause the base to crack.

  • Use your fingers to rub inside the top of the base
  • Pour out the dirty water.

Using Milton cold water sanitizer with a bit of lemon

Use Milton cold water sanitizer, and pour them into the base of the hookah. Swirl the base around to mix them properly.

Scrubbing your vase with a base brush.  A base brush is normally shorter than a stem brush, and the stiff bristles are much wider. 

  • With the Milton and lemon mix still in your base, insert the base brush.
  • Twist it around inside the shisha hookah, making sure to press it up against the sides firmly to scrub well.

Add a little bit of luke warm or cold water and swirl. 

Add lukewarm or cold water with the Milton sanitizer, making sure you covered all of the internal surfaces of the base, swirl the contents around.

Fill the base up with lukewarm water and let rest. 

Run lukewarm water through your bowl and leave it to rest for an hour along with the mixture and for a proper deep clean, let it rest overnight.

Rinse the base. 

Once the mixture has worked its magic you can rinse it with warm water making sure you got rid of the mixture and turn it upside down over a towel to let it dry.

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