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How to clean your stem

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How to clean your stem

Run water through the stem. 

Run your stem under the tap, making sure your stem is over the sink allowing the water to drain away. Often it's hard to find an angle that allows you to run water through your stem; well if that's the case pour it from a pitcher or a mug. Do this again and again for 30 seconds

Scrub the inside of the stem 

Ideally, you would need a stem brush to clean the stem, the brush comes with stiff bristles to make sure you have covered and removed and excess gunk. 

  • Insert the stem brush, pour water down into the stem.
  • Pull the stem brush in and out of the stem vigorously, about 10-15 times.
  • Flip the stem over and repeat the process from the other side.

Using Milton Sanitizer.

Into the open end of the stem, pour about two Milton Sanitizer. Reinsert the stem brush and scrub again, scrubbing the inside of the stem with Milton Sanitizer to clear any excess.

  • Remember to switch sides, plugging the other hole and scrubbing with the brush from the other side.

Scrub the stem 

  • Scrub again with the brush, remembering to insert the brush from both ends of the stem.

Rinse the stem clean with warm water. 

Run the water in from both ends of the stem again for 30 seconds.

Set the stem aside to dry. 

Leave it to dry against a wall so that gravity can do its work and air dry it.

(Tip; Use Milton Sanitizer and stem brushes made for baby bottles )


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