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Mini Mist Velocity Restriction

£250.00 GBP

Introducing the Mini Mist Velocity Restriction, the pinnacle of shisha pipes for the discerning connoisseur. Exquisitely crafted with the same precision and care as our full-sized shishas, this tabletop masterpiece is a marvel of engineering and artistry.

Hand-finished by skilled artisans in the historic heart of British automotive innovation, the Mini MVR is a true testament to the legacy of British engineering excellence. Our designers and engineers, who have worked on some of the most iconic British supercars, have poured their expertise into the Mini MVR, delivering an exceptional smoking experience that is unrivaled in both quality and satisfaction.

At the heart of the Mini MVR is our unique beautiful purge system, which expels smoke from the center, creating an unparalleled effect that is sure to impress. Built with automotive parts, the Mini MVR features medical-grade stainless steel construction, click-lock technology for secure and hassle-free connections, and systematic Magni Connect seals for ultimate safety.

Enjoy the smoothest and cleanest hits every time with our super silent removable diffuser, and indulge in the luxurious comfort of our soft velvet touch hose. The Mini Mist comes equipped with three different airflow adapters, allowing you to tailor your smoking experience to your exact liking. With a restrictive draw for a more concentrated flavor or a open draw for larger clouds, the Mini Mist delivers a smoking experience that is fully customizable to your preferences.

The Mini Mist also includes a stone tobacco bowl and heat management device, ensuring that you can enjoy your shisha session with ease and precision.

Experience the ultimate in smoking pleasure with the Mini Mist Velocity Restriction, the epitome of luxury and engineering excellence. Smoke Connoisseur: where luxury meets engineering in a compact size perfect for your tabletop.

Key Features:

  • Medical-grade stainless steel construction for ultimate durability and safety
  • Click-lock technology for secure and hassle-free connections
  • Systematic Magni Connect seals for ultimate safety
  • Smooth Purge 360-degree technology for effortless and efficient smoke clearing
  • Soft velvet touch hose for added luxury and comfort
  • Removable diffuser for a fully customizable smoking experience
  • Three different airflow adapters included for tailored smoking preferences
  • Includes a stone tobacco bowl and heat management device for ease and precision.